UNILTE USB RECHARGABLE CAP LIGHT REVIEW πŸ˜€ – Join me for an unbiased REAL fishing tackle review on a rather good carp fishing head torch! #enjoy

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Camera Equipment I used to make this video:

Camera – Canon 70D

Lens – Canon EF 10-18mm

Camera Equipment I used to take shots:

Camera – Canon 700D

Lens – Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Lens for Canon

Intervelometer – For Canon Cameras Remote Shutter Controller

πŸ”΄ Recommended Playlist – CARP FISHING TIPS AND TECHNIQUES https://goo.gl/hqfPs7

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  1. We need more of these type of reviews NOT JUST from angling companies selling there own products…good , honest & independent reviews.

    We need this in angling today, with so much choice and high pressure marketing it's almost impossible to make an accurate , informed decision on Kit.

    With " middle of the range " market rods and reels costing Β£200 plus a piece we need some one ( Leon ) to take up this mantle and do TOP GEAR SHOOT OUT style head to head reviews on all the latest kit .e.g… Greys aircurves VS shimano TX9, Sonik Gravity x etc etc …. and cover every element to the market.
    Personally a waggle in the tackle shop leaves me more frustrated with the product as the idea of spending Β£1200 on " middle of the range," kit with the risk it's not going to be EXACTLY what I need fill me with more panic than excitement.
    Just my thoughts!